Audio VST Plugins

Over my Electrical Engineering program at Syracuse University; I was most passionate about Digital Audio Signal Processing. It’s through this interest that I got my first ‘hands on’ in taking a product from research to prototype. I developed a suite of VST plugins in C++ (with RackAFX framework) which can be used by common Digital Audio Workstations to generate desired effects for audio tracks. The most challenging VST to create was Guitar Distortion. Here; I created a digital model for an analog distortion pedal (which has non-linear characteristics), which was implemented in C++ code by our team. A poster detailing this work was presented at 139th International Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York. The suite contains the following plugins:

  • Low Pass Filter
  • Digital Delay
  • Flange
  • Reverb
  • Dynamic Compressor
  • Guitar Distortion

Algorithms to develop these plugins can be found here.

(Github repository with the code for these plugins will be uploaded soon)

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