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I started my career in academic research in 2013, at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. I followed this interest to my Master of Science program at Syracuse University, New York, USA. Over my three years in Academia, I’ve contributed four publications and one poster presentation in the field of Signal Processing, and Communication Systems. During my work experience at Tula Technology Inc, I had an opportunity to publish and present a conference paper at WCX-SAE in Detroit.

List of Publications

Instrumentation and Processor in Loop Verification for Dynamic Skip Fire Technology, WCX SAE, April 2019 – Arnav Mohan, Karthik Deepak Natraj, Joe Serrano

Performance of a Relay Antenna Selection Based Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Protocol with Opportunistic Selection of Users, Wireless Personal Communications, April 2017 – Arnav Mohan, S. Prakriya

Spectrum consumption model builder and analysis tool: a software tool to enhance spectrum sharing, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, February 2017 – Carlos Caicedo, Arnav Mohan

Designing Analog and Digital Effects for Guitar, 139th International AES Convention New York – Samuel Ayinde Bailey, Vishnu Vardhan Dhanabalan, Arnav Mohan

Spectrum Consumption Model Builder: A Software Tool to Enhance Spectrum Sharing, Wireless Innovation Forum Conference on Wireless Communication, March 2016 – Carlos Caicedo, Arnav Mohan

Performance of dynamic spectrum access with opportunistic selection mechanisms, 7th ICSPCS, November 2013 – Arnav Mohan, S. Prakriya

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