Cellular Data-Acquisition Device for Tula Technology.

Developed for my company Tula Technology, the cellular data-acquisition device uploads data of interest from vehicles to the cloud using cellular connection. The data is then analyzed on the cloud in real time, and also made available to engineers for diagnostics and analysis.

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Audio VST Plugins

Over my Electrical Engineering program at Syracuse University; I was most passionate about Digital Audio Signal Processing. It's through this interest that I got my first 'hands on' in taking a product from research to prototype. I developed a suite of VST plugins in C++ (with RackAFX framework) which can be used by common Digital Audio Workstations to generate desired effects for audio tracks.


I started my career in academic research in 2013, at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. I followed this interest to my Master of Science program at Syracuse University, New York, USA. Over my three years in Academia, I've contributed four publications and one poster presentation in the field of Signal Processing, and Communication Systems.

The Espresso Cookies

Our band, The Espresso Cookies has been my family away from family. Its inception can be attributed to just four drunken friends jamming over a winter retreat. Our decision to put ourselves out there and play on stage every other month turned us not just into a band but also a project. Apart from focusing... Continue Reading →

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